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Phone: 704-878-9784

Our Service


We offer standard sizes of lumber including cants. Call today for pricing, availability and delivery. We look forward to being of service. 


We respect our natural resources and absolutely nothing goes to waste at our mill. We utilize the bark taken from the logs and create mulch. We offer this product by the ton. 


Sawdust collected during the production process is put into trucks and sold to those utilizing it in the pellet and other wood industries. If you have need for sawdust, call us today for pricing. 


"My experience with Austin Hunt Lumber Company was perfect. They made it easy for me to sell my timber. Helped me pay my taxes. I couldn't be happier."

- Mr. J. Brown, Concord, NC

"I have worked with Ray Hunt for years, and have always been pleased with the way we are treated. I will continue to sell my logs to Austin Hunt Lumber.  They pay quickly and  grade fairly."

- Mr. B. Smith, Farmington, NC